Networkx integration

So this week I managed to integrate the work I had done on the generation algorithm for iterables. It seems that people want implementations of complex objects for the sake of completeness as well as for its educative value. More on this later.

So networkx integration is almost done. The code is a clinical wrapper over the networkx API exposed via a Graph object which is derived from the Basic class. Most of the algorithms are accessed via properties of the Graph. Doctests and docstrings are currently missing, I plan on adding them later. Currently I am working on a particularly hairy algorithm for generating all spanning trees. If things do not work soon enough I’ll just put in the brute force technique. Another thing not present right now is pygraphviz integration but this is a matter of a single function call. A related generation algorithm that will get integrated in iterables was one to generate all rooted oriented forests.

In the upcoming week I will move on to Permutation groups. Initially, I will need to revise my notes on group theory and take a look at some texts for computational group theoretic algorithms. Knuth’s book has material on Sims tables as well so lets see what I can glean from that front. Other than that, I hope to clean up my pull requests that have been lying around for so long and get them integrated. Concurrently, I intend to publish the algorithms I had written for Lyndon, Dyck gray codes, various necklaces, etc.

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